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Health and Fitness from Himalayan Adventure Activities

For physical fitness, mental wellbeing and happy soul, guided adventure activities in Himalayas has proved its effectiveness. Leave your hectic schedule and join our expert guided healing Himalayan trips for yourself and good.

June 23, 2023

The everyday activity or the daily Karma of any living beings determines the lifestyle they are living with. A primary concern of human beings is to live the best possible lifestyle from every perspective like health, wealth, society and so…on. In the present global context, health centered lifestyle has gained popularity with every standard of people in society. People now are mostly concerned about money and then how to live a healthy life. For the same reason, we can typically observe two different patterns being followed in order to achieve that goal. Commonly people can be seen running after the best hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies just to make sure the medication and treatment are done right after they fall sick or are diagnosed with any abnormalities. There is also a new pattern of consciousness growing rapidly in society which is exposing and adopting our bodies to nature. These patterns were already practiced by ancestors in almost all the regions of the world no matter the originality or the way how they were practiced. But in the middle centuries, those ancient practices were considered old-fashioned and overtaken by pharmaceuticals in order to treat patients. The most ancient yet deeply advanced type of lifestyle was practiced by the people of the Himalayas in ancient times. Those daily life skills practices which had been practiced in the Himalayas were basically to avoid sickness and naturally heal if got any rather than being treated with external input to cure the adverse body conditions. Their practice made them live healthier and for a longer time than the average normal people of that time in other regions of the world. The Himalayan environment is tough to endure at first but once adopted it has healing medicinal properties in every breath you inhale, in every drop of water you intake and if lucky to get local foods produced in the same region it’s all more than what we eat in our normal city life because it is tastier, healthier and more nutritious.

Harvesting Millet in Mountain
Harvesting Millet in Mountain

The people who made the Himalayas their home for generations are seen to have had better health during their lifespan and had lived happily with nature. Their face always looks smiling; their actions are more synchronized and remained calm every time. Everything in the Himalayas is meant to be created or outsourced whether it is food, medicine, or other daily use materials. Most communities in the Himalayas are adopted to create everything used in their everyday needs by themselves or had lived a true self-sustaining life. Leaving a few commercial tourist destinations of the Himalayas, outsourcing is done when it is compulsory to do so. For the food they have specified seasons and land areas to perform farming activities where they grow environment-suited crops. Once the crop grown in the mountain is harvested, it is well–preserved in specialized trench-like places in and around the human shelter to protect it from unfavorable weather conditions or any other invaders. With only the help of domesticated Yaks and simple primitive agro-tools, the entire farming process from seed to harvest is done by the hand of people in the Himalayas. The medicinal herbs of special value which treats almost all kinds of possible illness are abundantly available in the mountain forests. Unless it is a life-threatening medical condition, it is needless to reach hospitals and use allopathic medical procedures. Most of medicinal plants and their parts can be used with simple processing like boiling or making the juice out of it. The people in the Himalayas have proper knowledge of what things(various herbs and extracts) can be mixed up with one another in the right proportion to make it work as medicine or tonic for normally occurring illnesses in the Himalayas. Those medicines and foods which are naturally sourced from the Himalayas are meant to boost the immune response instead of curing the illness for a certain time and leaving behind negative side effects on the user’s body. The climatic condition and the physical efforts to maintain the Himalayan life-cycle running keep the people of Himalayas fitter and healthier than the people from other parts of the world. An opportunity to explore their home would be a great life lesson for travelers from around the globe. However there are tested health benefits of the Himalayas in human health as presented by Springer with this link, also it is being affected adversely by the impacts of climate change as published in Research Gate with this link. It is now more important than ever before to protect those vital ecological regions of the Himalayas or widely called Hindu Kush Himalayas. We are into protecting the natural existence of the Himalayas and surrounding areas through innovative nature conservation campaigns. We hugely appreciate the efforts given by the Nepalese Army to protect the national parks of Nepal which also includes the Himalayan region.

Typical Himalayan Village
Typical Himalayan Village

Travelers have only a short period to spend in the Himalayas while traveling but will have much more to carry back as souvenirs after the trip. Souvenirs here not only implies to what you might buy from the shop but the entire life-changing experience travelers would experience during the trip. Being exposed to those natural Himalayan trails of Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan will help you boost your immune system because you’ll be breathing non-polluted air, drinking non-toxic water, and eating healthy foods with plenty of physical exercises during the daylight. Living with nature and spending time in nature have played a significant positive role in the enhancement of human health. Especially if it is to depend on nature and let nature take over us even if it is for a certain timeframe, we will be positively charged and our body system starts functioning cordially. Those depression, anxiety, stress, and any other abnormalities acquired from unwanted exposure to unhealthy city/work life can dramatically be recovered after being with the nature of the Himalayas but it is crucial to be correctly guided to take away the root of the cause. The world is already aware of the fact mentioned above as we can see publications on nature and human health from trusted sources below:

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Our trip leaders are well trained by respected Guru Pawan Nepal who has recently completed the most rare course on ancient healing practice from India and also used to be faculty for Art of Living. His regular monitoring and induction of our trip leaders have added highly sought-after flavors to Himalayan trips with us. The world is aware of the fact that ancient sages had mastered and manifested yoga and healing practices in the Himalayas. It will be a great privilege for travelers to practice yoga and healing practices at its very origin. The current trend of losing body weight and fat can be achieved at its best with our fitness-guided treks in the Himalayas. The fitness, as well as physique, can be enhanced with Himalayan trips if done under the guidance of our relevant instructors. The trip experience will be something that you can share later on with pride and feel grateful for the achievements you’ve made and the one who guided you through. The therapeutic exercise and mindfulness-trained trip leaders will help travelers get to the harder steps of mountains with ease and allow them to enjoy the Himalayan ambiance at the same time get to connect deeper with the mighty natural existence of the Himalayas itself. The entire trip experience is beyond normal which will be guided to physically strengthen travelers, enhance mental well-being and take you through soul healing via different selfless activities like nature conservation, health campaigns, and helping preserve local cultures. Thus, the entire trip experience will be a great value added to your future life, for good and yourself.

Logistics being carried to Himalayan villages
Logistics to Himalayan Villages

Every traveler after being on the Himalayan trip has praised its beauty and the tranquility deep inside from their heart. Just being in those natural miracles of the mighty Himalayas is therapy for anyone who is seeking quality time out of hectic city life. But being accurately guided with therapeutic mind-full activities and societal travel experience in every single day trek in the Himalayas is next level experience available only to you, lucky good soul. 

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