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Best adventure travel company features to be considered

Advices from adventurers by birth who is true Gurkha, the travel experience has got spoilt because of operating company. Finding the best travel company is like getting best right medicine for any illness. It is peace of mind and satisfaction of soul.

June 10, 2023

Travel activities demanding your courage and a strong commitment to accomplishing are referred to as adventure travel activities. Features like Reliability, Credibility, and Trustworthiness are a must in Travel Companies. Before considering your travel companion it is now vital to see if the organizer is committed to your overall satisfaction. The trip you are about to take with them should be enriching and satisfying from all aspects of the travel plan. As adventure travelers are aware of the fact that the main impression makers and first responders in any adventure activities are the ground handlers. Features of the service providers and abilities of ground handlers should be taken into consideration. For example, travelers can view the recent trip-related training, updates, years of experience, and level of expertise of the ground handlers. The company’s standards of operating protocol are another major thing to consider for any travel company willing to provide you with the service. There is a huge range of adventure activities suitable for any age group, sex, or nationality.

Traveling overseas for those adventure activities has gained popularity in the present day. This has been scientifically proved by research that there are countless benefits of nature-based travel activities and adventure lovers like to explore new destinations or activities every time. From physical, and psychological well-being to being popular, there are multiple positive dimensions of active adventure activities done under proper guidance. In such hectic schedules and lifestyles of the current materialistic world, adding even a single timeframe in a year for adventure activities can help rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. The ability, expertise, and experience of the ground handling team at any adventure travel company is the key to your successful journey. The best travel experience and overall safety of travelers depend on the policy of the company by which their team is governed too.

Trekking Trails in Himalayas

The Himalayas has been the best destination for adventure travel seekers for 100s of years back. A critically important geo-ecological asset, the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) is the origin of 10 major river basins and encompasses over 4.2 million km2 area Stretching over 3500 kilometers and across eight countries – Nepal, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Nepal, China, and Bhutan have their geo-position as pulse makers of these Himalayan Ranges. The gigantic area of the Himalayas as the roof of the world forms the largest area of permanent ice cover outside of the North and South Poles, that’s why sometimes it is also referred to as the Third Pole of mother earth.

Hindu Kush of Himalayas houses hundreds of mountain peaks over 6,000 m. and is a global biodiversity hotspot with 330 important bird areas and much other exotic wildlife’s natural habitat. Before 1950 AD Great Britain was only the country to have a diplomatic relationship with the isolated kingdom of Nepal. After that, only 3-4 visitors per year from Great Britain were allowed. Then only after 1955 Nepal opened its official tourist visa. Gradually from the 18th century, the fascination with the Himalayas and its cultural civilization grew. Nepal around 1969 AD was considered the mecca of hippydom or Amsterdam of the East. The capital of Nepal Kathmandu with its well-civilized historic civilization had attracted world-renowned figures Timothy Leary an American psychologist and author known for his strong advocacy of psychedelic drugs or Polish Princes Zina Rachevsky who flourished Buddhism outside Asia.

Most of the activities in Bhutan and Tibet can be operated from Nepal as it grew its strength as a tourist attraction from the historic era. Nepal has geographical advantages to handle adventure activities in Bhutan, Tibet, Pakistan, and even in high lands of India.

With 11 years of continuous experience-based research on how adventure activities in the Himalayas can make a positive impact on travelers, the team at Himalayan Adventure Therapy can guide you through perfectly matched activity suggestions to accomplish any of your intended goals. Literally, no one who came to the Himalayas for adventure activities has ever been disappointed with what they have experienced. Our team of loyal Sherpas and Gurkhas by birth holding more than 25 years of experience in mountain expedition, base camp management, and virgin trail exploration are recently trained to meet the demand of the safest travel in all the Himalayan adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. The well-developed team of local experts guiding travelers in the divine land of Himalayas is professionally trained and accredited on a timely basis just to match the ever-growing expectations of travelers who are deeply into adventure travel for good.

Mountaineering is the next level adventures in Himalayas

For your convenience, kindly go through the following topic-wise features to be considered in the best adventure travel company:

1. Background and origin of the company

Going through the story of any company about how they founded with what aim is an important thing not to miss when researching for the best travel company. The person running the company as a leader should have specified designations and a good track record. You can verify it by reaching out personally to them or looking at historic online social profile records too.

2. Experience of executives and ground handlers

For how long did the executives running any travel company had experience in a related field so that you can assume they will provide you with the expected experience? The policies and overall conditions of the company and its service depends on the plans of executives. Along with this, the vital players in any adventure activities are the ground handlers. They can make or break your long-awaited, well-planned and amount-spent outcomes. So the level of their professional expertise, official credentials and latest skills status should be transparent with travelers.

3. Expertise level of ground handlers

How is the company measuring the skill level of their staff and the resources the company is adopting to upgrade their staff with time and new industry-related findings is the ultimate feature to analyze before trusting the information. Leveling up the crew member is always the best approach towards satisfaction-guaranteed trips.

4. Affiliation, Recommendation and Reviews

If the Travel Company you are traveling with have legit affiliations with other similar niche organizations (Fake affiliation will not have a link to the organizations they are claiming to have affiliated with) or organization-related affiliation then it is a green flag. The company is admired by workers and travelers both if they are in fact the good one. They should have positive recommendations and reviews which can be verified if required.

This has already been too late to take effective actions against nature’s destruction because of which climate change impacts are hitting very hard upon the mighty Himalayas too. The team at Himalayan Adventure Therapy has been making the best impacts in Himalayan nature conservation through various projects and grants in ecologically delicate villages and forests of Solukhumbu, Gorkha and Dhading in its first phase of the Himalayan nature conservation campaign. Those who will be leading your trips with this company are well-trained and certified for a minimal footprint travel approach and are also able to educate travelers about nature-based practices to live daily life.

It is always advised to look for responsible and eco-friendly operators over only sales-oriented organizers. This has also been crucial to learning if the staff working on the ground level or which also means people with whom travelers actually perform planned adventure activities are truly taken care of by the company. Verified real data and visual impressions are the main thing to differentiate fake claims from real ones. The one which does good things in real will have a proven link to their affiliation, traceable recommendations to their products/services, scalable action plans and physical sites to prove good work.

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